New-look Rams see same old from Penguins; Token pays a visit, too

With Heron in the line-up and Amos on the blueline, the Rams took on a new image. They even got a check in the win column to prove it, beating the arch-rival Penguins 5-3. if anyone doesn’t believe it … ask the Token fan. (btw, does that raise our attendance total to 3 this year?)
Scoring opened early with Turkey only partially fanning on pass from Snapper, followed by Billy and Carter. By the end of one, it was Rams 3. Penguins 0.
Bumba banked one off Kevin’s skate to give the ‘guins hope midway through the second, and followed it up with 2 more on the night. All raising the question, can anybody else score over there?
Heron got the gwg, and Colin the empty netter.
Apologies if the details are hazy. I’m having a hard time remembering what happened between the wheezes.
next up:
Saturday 8:50 vs. Blades. Our only cross-over game. Shoup has beer duty if he can make it.

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16 Responses to New-look Rams see same old from Penguins; Token pays a visit, too

  1. Dr. Bumba says:

    Thank God for the beef and beer money, we had to get Hoagie counseling after the game.

  2. Tube sock says:

    Carmen not playing and big heads bartender were the best parts of last nights game.

  3. Wool Sweater says:

    I must agree with Tube sock, that bartender was nice to look at.

  4. kd says:

    The one off of my skate was a deflection, dammit :<)

  5. shoup says:

    Nice win. I hope to make it next week – with beer. I’ll let you guys know asap.

  6. RR says:

    great win, glad to hear about Hoagie, but too bad I never pass to Billy, wahhhhhhhhhhhh.

  7. fiyah says:

    that big heads betty needs her own website. Mod-on

  8. goal-in but not offical says:

    maybe the tube sock can work on coaxing her into a fleshy website appearence……..he did get us an extra pitcher free of charge…

  9. The Kensington Aler says:

    may i remind everyone that win, lose or draw we are all lagerheads in the long run….and it is only winterpit men’s league hockey after all….there should be no crying or consoling, only rejoicing with lots of pizza, pitchers and tetas!!!!!!!

  10. Dr. Bumba says:

    Those boobs, hmmm, hmmm good.

  11. The Kensington Aler says:

    yo boys, lagerheads flights philly 2 toronto $337, round trip/non-stop as of right now…….anyone else thinking canam yet??????

  12. Soiled sock says:

    Toronto TaTas hum hum good.

  13. equipment manager says:

    Do we have to play or can we just go hang out across the border

  14. info guy says:

    i’m gonna get all the costs together. if you f’rs want to come and not play you can figure that out on your own. find a guy who is playing and hook up the discounted hotel.

  15. i'm a good lookin guy right? says:

    find a guy who is going and hook up.

  16. Z.... says:

    Z… glad to hear about the W over P!

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