Lagerheads in Toronto

April 19 to 22
$399 plus travel.
Inlcudes …
Cab rides with Bernie
Getting hassled about the schedule by Dean
One free beer per game
and more …
Money Talk …
I’ll need $100 room deposit by January 20
The remaining $299 by March 1
Remember … There’s only one MVP, but we can all get into the Hall of Fame!
Who’s in?
– Dean

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6 Responses to Lagerheads in Toronto

  1. CB says:

    Rams PIM leader is in

  2. Golin says:

    Iz in 2

  3. dk says:

    i’m in.
    we have room for 12. we can fit 15 if you score as much as you drink.
    no, wait. i mean … um. if you drink as much as you score.

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