Tell me if you’ve heard this one before …

Wintersport – Period one, Rams outskate and outplay Bandits to end the period tied 1-1. Period two, rams take a few penalties but no real harm. Outskate the Bandits but passing and shot selection are suspect. Rams now down 3-1. Bandits complete more passes than the entire NFC in the third and go on to win 5-1.
“Yo, I’ve heard that one before.”

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3 Responses to Tell me if you’ve heard this one before …

  1. Z... says:

    I spoke to Jim B. from the Bandits, they were talking about us in the locker room after the game, they indicated the Rams out played them in the 1st period, said we have a good team but lack goal scoring, they beat us because of two missied plays on our part, the third period penaties didn’t help us at all and allowed them to take control of the rest of the game.

  2. Jim Townsend says:

    Rams can’t score…No.

  3. coach says:

    warm ups

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