Snappy turns 36; Kratzer not invited

With a full bench, two cases chilling in the room, and a chip on all 30 shoulders, the Rams had a party on the Continentals last night winning 5 to 1.
Shoup tallied late in the first wanting to make an impact on the game before his wife hit the labor and delivery ward. Kevin held the Rams in the second as the parade to the penalty box ensued, followed by a parade of goals by Carter, Fire, Z, and Dean – who put the icing on the birthday cake by deflecting a wrister from Snappy.
Speaking of icing … Kratzer, in the midst of his historic comeback, was a healthy scratch and Baker’s run for the Tiger Williams PIM trophy was put on hold as Rob Mell and Arty visited the box.
Next games (schedules are in):
Sunday, 11/5, at 6:10 pm vs. Bandits
Saturday, 11/11 at 10:30 vs. Penguins
Sunday, 11/19 at 6:10 vs. Bandits
Sunday, 11/26 at 2:50 vs. Zebras (post B&B)

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4 Responses to Snappy turns 36; Kratzer not invited

  1. kd says:

    Did everyone bring their empties home?

  2. kratz says:

    Historic comeback or just historic? I am reminded of the new flyers coach Stevens who said of the flyers, “we are a young team right now and we have some quality veteran players…and I think if we put some young players around veteran players…we’re going to have some balance there.” As a healthy scratch I have the luxury of sitting up in the sky boxes and watching the flow of the game but I stand ready the next time the Rams need balance on a late saturday night against the zebras and bandits or any time the team needs someone to be the beer mule. As a veteran I understand my role and I am honored to wear the maroon and white, or the white and maroon XXL’s, or the maroon belly shirts, or hell – just the new grey and white. The historic will continue – I need more rams jerseys. (I’ll try not to fall down quite so much)..see ya at Melodybrooke

  3. goat says:

    You the man Kratz, the old man. Kev could have used ya on the weak goal he gave up.

  4. kratz says:

    yeah, I could have fallen down in front of him again…hey have I cleared waivers yet?

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