Saturday Against The Zebras

NEXT GAME SATURDAY NIGHT 8:50 pm against the Zebras.
We know a few guys are missing but don’t remember them all…
Dean is out
Bern is out
Tim is out
Who else?

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8 Responses to Saturday Against The Zebras

  1. double mint twins says:

    Rob and goat are out.

  2. kd says:

    Let’s get to the important stuff, whose on beer duty?

  3. coach says:

    kratzer is in.
    kratz, can you pull beer duty?

  4. kratz says:

    I would be honored – better to do it now before I’m put on waivers – what is the current flavor of choice?

  5. john labatt says:


  6. carter says:

    carter, out!!!

  7. coac h says:

    Dean’s back in.

  8. old man on the sea says:

    high winds this weekend might blow goat to the rink, too.

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