Rams Stick It To Zebras

Preseason, preview, premature ejaculation … call it what you will but the Rams beat the Zebras 8-5, led by
Bern’s HT, Turkey’s 2, and one each from Colin, Goat, and Amos. After going up by a touchdown, the Rams sat back and let the zeebs put more rubber on kevin than … well, you fill in the blanks.
Next game, Sunday vs. Penguins at 2:50 pm.
If you can’t make it Sunday, put it in the comments below. if we know we’re going to be short, we have a few subs that could join us.

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10 Responses to Rams Stick It To Zebras

  1. Art says:

    Won’t be there. Wedding in California. Not mine.

  2. RR says:

    won’t be there, at villanofun that day

  3. Dr. Bumba says:

    Good job, way to beat those f’ing f’s.

  4. dean says:

    i’m out, too.
    looks like bern has beer duty, then, if art’s out.

  5. poon poon redah says:

    i’m on the beer, though i’ll be at big heads right after the game for the extended 4th period. 4:15 kickoff.

  6. Goat goes in and out says:

    I’m down the shore for the weekend. If the weathers shity, I’m in if its nice I’m out.

  7. Z... says:

    Guys, Looks like I should be able to make the game on Sunday!

  8. shoup says:

    I’m likely out this sunday. Looks like I got tix for Birds.

  9. HB says:

    WHERE IS ART? How about some new posts?

  10. phillypens.com says:

    Carolina vs. Edmonton….who’s gonna win game 7?

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