Grab a Leinie

New beer for you Hoegaarden lovers to try. Leinenkugel has come to Philadelphia. The seventh oldest brewer in the US is now shipping their Honey Weiss to Philadelphia from their home state of Wisconsin. Look for it to be popping up on taps around the area.
Another wheat beer that’s been tasting especially good this Fall is Sly Fox’s Royal Weisse. Mmmmmm, yummmm. Pouring as recently as a week ago at the Royal Tavern.

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8 Responses to Grab a Leinie

  1. kratz says:

    now art how come everytime I see you you’re drinkin a bud lite?

  2. Art says:


  3. kratz says:

    hey i cleared waivers – can I get called up to the big club and play tomorrow night?

  4. golin says:

    the game is 9:30 not 8:30 artie

  5. fiyahBURNdemBussiholes! says:

    are we sure about that? Winterpitz doing a stand up job, when we gettin the full schedule….Xmas time? waaaah
    is the game at 8:30 or 9:30?

  6. Art says:

    Fiyah, we received the schedules on Saturday and they have the game as a 9:30 start, as does the web site.

  7. RR says:

    9:30? killing me

  8. Art says:

    Two cases tonight. LaBatt and a Troegs variety pack. So show up thirsty.

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