Clarke Pours Out Heart

Heartfelt end for Stanley Cup hero

The last time he left the job, Bob Clarke offered his trademark Cheshire cat smile and little else as he confounded his critics.
This time, his exit from the Flyers’ general manager’s chair staged willingly, Clarke gave a squeeze and poured his heart out.
He did so yesterday as an executive who in two terms with the Flyers had been in that chair for nearly 20 years. He did so later in a news conference that presented him as loyal organizational soldier, swearing from his bared soul that this was a resignation, not an honorable discharge by friend and chairman Ed Snider.

Clarke’s confidence melted away

Bob Clarke tried for years to do what Bobby Clarke did: bring a Stanley Cup to Philadelphia. He fell short, and yesterday his quest came to a stunning end.
Eras don’t end every day. Clarke’s face changed over the decades, from the gap-toothed cherub to the stern middle manager, but the face of the Flyers had not.
Until yesterday.

Brass Kicking

Two days after his team was embarrassed by the Buffalo Sabres, Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock was wondering how much time he had before he would be fired.
Three veteran players had been waived, and chairman Ed Snider was promising a major shakeup.
Hitchcock has been fired before and, even though he had been given a new, 3-year contract in training camp, Hitchcock could feel the ax falling.

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3 Responses to Clarke Pours Out Heart

  1. turk says:

    best thing to happen to the flyers since clarkie helped them win a cup. this franchise needs to move on.
    is stevens the right coaching move? who else is out there?
    and will holmgren stay? if so, look for him to be the next clarkie with a no-fire-me clause.
    for me, i’m looking back to arty’s list of other teams to route for.

  2. black bender says:

    WHITE PEOPLE practice to much,how you spost to concentrate,when all dat stuff is f-in your possi-peeps all up there.let A-I play his game on da ice,dat be nice.WHITE PEOPLE can fuck up a “nigga picnic”
    “word,to somebody’s mother’

  3. Dr. Phil says:

    Bender… if you are going to post a comment you need to do it before the medication kicks in. It’s not our fault you a bi-polar….don’t suck us into your world

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