Save The Date

Beef ‘n’ Beer at WSC Saturday, November 25th
We have blocked off the date and time. We have the rink from 8pm to 12AM +. We need to start planning now so we can plan in detail. We need to stress a big turnout (150 people vs last years 90). We really only start to make money after the 60th or 70th person so a large turnout is a must.

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6 Responses to Save The Date

  1. kratz says:

    beef and beer on thanksgiving? – what about turkey?

  2. kratz says:

    beef and beer on thanksgiving weekend? – what about turkey and beer?

  3. aaahhuh says:

    scratch scratch!

  4. Jon B says:

    Melodybrook is back on this week. 9:00pm.

  5. Kev Mc says:

    I’m out for the B&B.
    I have tickets for The Who that night.

  6. Art says:

    Kev, don’t count yourself out just yet. The Who may have all died of old age by Thanksgiving. Or at least a couple guys are likely to have broken their hips by then. I mean they make Kratzer look young.

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