Rams Ice Time

The Rams pre-season ice slot will be Saturday September 23 at 8:50 PM.

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6 Responses to Rams Ice Time

  1. turk says:

    all are welcome. and if denny is still in town, heck, he can come too.

  2. HB says:

    Is it open to every one?

  3. Dr. Bumba says:

    Everyone but you Bob.

  4. kratz says:

    saturday night skate – hmmmm- i smell a drunkfest

  5. schultz says:

    Charlie: “Hey, it’s the phone. Hello…”
    Coach: “Bwaaap baa waaa paa whaapwhaaa.”
    Charlie: “Yes, coach. I did let hockey bob use my sox.”
    Coach: “Haa paaa whiiii pooooo wooooong”
    Charlie: “Yes sir. I know sir.”
    Coach: “Bwaaaa paaa whaaa paaa bwaaaa”
    Charlie: “He doesn’t smoke that much sir. and i’m sure he won’t bring it with him on the ice when he skates with us on the 23rd.”

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