Z 2 NYT 4 Mangosteen

Here’s one for Z-daldo.
Forbidden? Not the Mangosteen

Perched on a dizzyingly steep slope, in a lush landscape dotted with waterfalls and tall bamboo, Ian Crown celebrated the vindication of what he called his madness in a patch in the jungle. He rustled through the thick, glossy leaves of a nine-foot-tall tree, plucked a reddish-purple orb, cut around its equator, twisted off a hemisphere of thick rind, and popped a few delicate, snow-white segments into his mouth.
“I’ve waited so long for this moment,” he said in July, savoring the floral, sweet-tart flavor of one of the most delicious of fruits, and certainly the most hyped: the mangosteen.

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2 Responses to Z 2 NYT 4 Mangosteen

  1. XangoMan says:

    Xango is still a pyramid scheme.

  2. Z... says:

    Pyramid schemes are illegal in the USA just in case your not up to speed, XanGo is breaking industry sales records every year of operation so something must be legit about the product, shut your trap and get on the juice, keep talking your shit and I will stick bag your F…ing A….., LOL!
    Good story Art on the mangosteen fruit!

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