Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money

From the desk of the Jive Turkey:
Gents, our first $100 is due 8/25. that’s next week!!!
I’ll be at wissy tonight if anybody has their check. Make it payable to Philadelphia Rams. Payment 2 ($200) is due in 3 weeks. If you can, just pay $300 now, then you’ll be off the hook till 11/1.

Payment schedule:

  • First payment 8/25 = $100
  • Second payment due 9/18 = $200
  • Third payment due 11/1 = $115
  • Last payment due 12/1 = variable but no more than $20

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1 Response to Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money

  1. jt says:

    Thanks to the guys that got me last night. And remember, there are only 2 more thursday night skates left. make it out if you can.
    We’ll also get a slot at wintersport in early september as part of our reward for getting money in on time. Not sure what the date is for that yet. I also assume the penguins will get a slot, too, and we can skate then.

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