Hall More Stingy Than Dowell&#39s 5-Hole

East Falls – In a campus building where Frank Sinatra once wed Greta Garbo, Philadelphia University spokesperson Amanda Huginkiss danced around a very pressing matter Wednesday …

“Why was Kevin ‘The Stopper’ Dowell skipped over for induction into the Philadelphia University Hall of fame?
Protesters outside say Dowell, one of the No Back Check League’s all-time greatest, deserves to be honored.
After all, who the h-e-double hockey stick are the new members … Kixx all-star Pat Morris; golfer George Forster; basketball’s Eugene Haith; and Karen Wusinich, who lettered in basketball and tennis.
“What? Who? Please? I bet none of them ever played in a championship series at 11:00 am, and walked home (or
somewhere near it) at 3:00 pm blind from Jaeger!,” said the “Please let Kevin In” Committee President, Chris Golin. Golin has been lobbying the PU’s athletic director for years.
“Kevin is a good guy. He drinks, hangs out, even brings his own seat on Sunday mornings. I can’t think of a better alumn to get this honor. and again, he’s denied.”
Before leaving, Golin said his crew would honor Kevin’s goaltending achievements their own way. By playing a game of Kick the Labatt Blue Can. Boys vs.Girls. Later, they planned a pig pile to see if they could bloody Kevin’s head again.
“There’s always next year. Oh crap, i’m gonna get tagged i better run,” Golin said as he booked through the parking lot and down to McMichael park, where base is.
There’s always next year.

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