Feel Free To Name Drop

City Paper: Top 5 Philly Food Blogs
Number One: Foobooz

Foobooz (food plus booze—get it?) is only four months old, but it’s already making headway as one of Philadelphia’s most notable food sites. The one-man show is run by Arthur Etchells, who caught the blog bug while compiling lists of good drink specials for his hockey buddies. Now it’s an invaluable resource for budget barhounds and event-seeking foodies alike. Favorite Eats: Amada, Royal Tavern.

Hockey buddies. That’s you guys! See I didn’t forget the little people.

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5 Responses to Feel Free To Name Drop

  1. turk says:

    Arty from the Hood, you dun good.

  2. heron says:

    Foobooz gets boos from me… I mean c’mon Artie, there is way too much negativity about the ‘Yunk. Manayunk is hoppin’. It’s not about where you go, its all about who you know. Anyone who has hung with Bender can attest to that!

  3. Anonymous says:

    …and they take money orders in the ‘yunk!

  4. Art says:

    I guess I don’t know the right people in the ‘yunk. Although I’ll lay down this ‘yunk deal for you. Thursday nights at the Bayou features dollar drafts of Victory beer. Better than all that Miller Lite that is usually downed on Main Street.

  5. yunk in the trunk says:

    the best bar in the ‘yunk is on hermitage. i used to share a wall with it. great on dart league nights when i needed sleep. It goes by the name SS Madrack. Happy Hour is from 6 – 8. AM. That’s in the morning boys. Oh, and no kids are allowed in after 7:30 post meridian. that’s in the evening.

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