Booty Party

I’ll be having my 3rd Annual Labor Day Party on Sunday, September 3rd. This year will feature the first ever Kensington Horseshoes Tournament. If you want to participate in the tournament, you must get there by 3:00 PM. This is because we do not want to be playing the championship in the dark. Tournament cost will be $5 per person. Teams will be picked out of a hat at 3:30 when everyone is there. The winners will receive an undisclosed amount of CASH. The amount will be determined by how participants we have. All party donations of food and drink will be accepted. If you guys know whether you can or cannot make it, give me a heads up so I know how much beer to get. The address is:
437 Cedar Street
Lansdale, PA

Let me know if you need directions. Wives, girlfriends and significant “others” (Andre and Brnich) are all welcome. Feel free to forward this to anyone I missed.
love always,

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