Rams Update

Rams – As summer hits its stride, we are keeping the rams machine running full bore. We’re working on a couple sponsorhsips and are waiting for the rink to get thier shizzle together with a new GM.
Not yet sure what the season total is going to be but we will need $ early to get the best discounts from the rink. also, the earlier we start collecting, the less we can make the monthly payments (although full boats are always welcome).
We also have a couple new guys to add, which is good news as we’re losing a couple. if you have any recruits, let dean and bernie know.
Anyway, look for an email next week (from dkphilly) with as many financial details as possible, but plan
for $50 due in early august with another $100 due in September. Some guys have credit left over from last year, so don’t worry we have that noted.
See you at the rink.

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12 Responses to Rams Update

  1. fiyaheight.431 says:

    new whiteness jerseys for the rams? I say we use the Goat logo on white, anyone got ideas for jerseys?

  2. kd says:

    I wouldn’t mind new white jerseys since we basically have to wear them every game except the Penguins anyway. I think we should use the same logo we have on our Maroon jerseys.

  3. RR says:

    anything that doesn’t have laces.

  4. kickstand says:

    c’mon carter you good in lace.

  5. steve latin says:

    can anybody get denny’s maroon? we’ll need the extra jersey. we can buy it back from him.

  6. RR says:

    Is Denny definitely not coming back?
    Correction Kickstand, I look GREAT in lace, I was referring to Paul Bunyan Baker.

  7. Peake says:

    If there is any room on the team I would love to play this year. see you on thursday.

  8. #44 says:

    We should have some coin left over from the Big Heads sponsorship last year right?

  9. Eddie says:

    I look good, right?

  10. ruffled black feathers says:

    denny’s most likely out……how about the latvia home jerseys or hersey????? phoenix maybe????

  11. Spelling Bee says:

    Who is Hersey?

  12. bern says:

    big heads money was added in last year, some paid the final installment before that…so they have some credit coming to them this year. Dean will have all of these numbers in his email. Dean i’ll get that to you this week.

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