Kwok Not Quak Screws Aramini

aramini_arm (Custom).jpg
Jim Aramini stopped by hockey yesterday morning and showed off his x-rays. Nine screws!

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5 Responses to Kwok Not Quak Screws Aramini

  1. kratz says:

    Sorry to hear about the break A-Train – get better soon

  2. punny guy says:

    and here, i always thought a-train was one of the guys without a screw loose.

  3. The Black Knight says:

    “It’s mearly a flesh wound!”

  4. John Demeio says:

    A-train you still owe the rink 20 for the skate.
    WHO DID’NT PAY!!!!!
    Screwed again.

  5. cow says:

    drink some milk and that won’t happen. Did you get “pinned” in a corner?

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