Turkey Talk

There’s been a lot of discussion and, frankly, embarrassment about women’s softball having more viewers than the cup finals. The Turkey wants to know, are hockey fans/players watching? If not, you suck.

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11 Responses to Turkey Talk

  1. Dr. Bumba says:

    If I have nothing else to do, I watch. I do not make it a point to go watch the games.

  2. gobble says:

    Then the Dr. only sucks sometimes.

  3. KevMc says:

    I watch them all! Last night’s game was awesome. Fernando…what a hockey name?

  4. RR says:

    Is hockey really still on? I know it is late June and NASCAR, Tennis, The US open, The World Cup, baseball, basketball, and the NBA are all on TV, but hockey is still on too?

  5. fiyahsuckyamammadrypoonpoonwetah says:

    I took the second round off, missed a lot of the semis but i’ve watched most of the finals. Great Action, I think Edmonton still might come back. Who would you say gets the Conn Smyth up till now? I’d say Staal.

  6. goat don't milk itself says:

    I only missed the one game of the cup on saturday because of a 150 pound pig (not Jenkins mom) and a bunch of beer.

  7. Dr. Bumba says:

    Good post Goat, keep it up.

  8. turk says:

    i say goat gets the trophy, but if not:
    Brind Amour for Canes, although staal is playing well i’d say ward as a second.
    Pronger for the oilers b/c he’s the most famous, but peca or pisani might be more deserving as they score the timely goals.

  9. KevMc says:

    I agree with the Turk…
    Brind Amour for the Canes
    Pronger for the Oilers

  10. Pilgrim says:


  11. Art says:

    If Edmonton wins, it should be Pronger getting the Conn Smythe. He’s just a badass. He drills people. Passes well. Cranks from the point and scores on penalty shots. What else is there?

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