The Legend Of Bill Barilko


Although he was not noted for his offensive skills. Bill Barilko scored one of the most celebrated goals in NHL history during the 1951 Stanley Cup Finals between Toronto and Montreal. This series was the only championship final that required overtime in every contest. In game five, the extra session was nearly three minutes old when Barilko spotted a loose puck near the Montreal crease. He dove in from the blue line and fired a shot over Montreal goaltender Gerry McNeil’s outstretched arm to give the Leafs the Cup.
Unfortunately, it was the last goal of Barilko’s career. He disappeared that summer on a fishing trip, and the Leafs didn’t win another Cup until 1962, the year his body was found. (Pro Set Hockey card #340)
It was 44 years ago today that Bill Barilko’s body was found.

Audio of Bill Barilko’s Stanley Cup Winning goal
Maple Leaf Alumni Bio
The ProSet hockey card

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    For some reason this story and hockey card always stuck with me. And I’m not the only one as The Tragically Hip were inspired by the same card to write the song, Fifty Mission Cap.

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    are you sure that’s not dk?

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    I’m the one on the right with the metal skates

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    the rocket kratzer.

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