Stanley Lives In Carolina


Lord Stanley lives in Carolina and that’s OK.

Because as much as we might want to make it Raleigh versus Edmonton, and USA versus Canada and hockey tradition versus NASCAR, it comes down to twenty-some hockey players who were able to achieve the greatest feat in pro sports. They battled, survived, and won the Stanley Cup. It is theirs to hold high.

Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes.

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4 Responses to Stanley Lives In Carolina

  1. Dr. Bumba says:

    F those Hayseeds…

  2. RR says:

    Will Bob Clarke congratulate Rod B. and Justin Williams, and Mark Recchi?

  3. turk says:

    i’m still bewildered by the call int he first period. I think Bill McCleary said “Look, i don’t know what to call. so, let’s not call anything. Let’s make something up that gets us off the hook.”
    If the canes had lost by a goal, that would have been a total black eye for the league and the officials, which – like the tight calls or not – were consistent all year long.

  4. Z.... says:

    I’m glad C.. won but it upsets me to see Rob B. holding the Stanley Cup without a Flyers jersey, he may not have been the best player we ever had on the team but Rob always had heart and played hard when he was a Flyer!
    The cup needs to come back home to Philly, Flyers get your shit together and make some wise decisions this weekend, lets get some skill and speed, dump the slackers and slow pokes!

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