Roenick Writes A Letter

My Letter to the Fans

Eklund’s Note: I was talking to Jeremy Roenick tonight and I could feel “it.” If it possible for determination and passion to bleed through a phone line it was pouring through tonight as JR talked of just how much he wants to play hockey this year and prove everyone wrong. This is a man on fire. We have seen him play with concussions, broken bones, and play double overtime playoff games when most players would not have gotten out of bed. Last year was not JR’s year, but I sure wouldn’t bet against him next year.

Umm, JR, you’re done. You blamed your skate sharpening for why you sucked. Come on.

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2 Responses to Roenick Writes A Letter

  1. turk says:

    that burning, if from his pee.

  2. old bug says:

    JB does a good skate sharpen – maybe we can get JR for the rams

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