Awards Ceremony

In a first ever awards ceremony, the tarnished brass at gave out hardware last night:
All the stars were on hand for this gala event.

“Blue Line Spirit” award for most times tripped by the blueline – ZDALDO
With feet the size of his heart, ZDALDO can be a formidable opponent for any forward. But when it comes to the one-on-one match with Z and BL … L O (look out).
“You’re my Heron” award for most toxic substances consumed prior to game time — Denny
Faster than a wood duck escaping 12-gauge fire, Denny is usually the one making people spin around and fall down. But one night Buddy Weiser put the brakes on Denny, who got “the spins” in the face off circle vs. the Continentals.
“Blow My Whistle” award for best referee … Bruce!
Bruce, obviously a goalie by trade, gets this award for best ref. Once the spring league video comes out you’ll see why. By the way, Bruce, get off your knees. You’re blowing the game.
“Duck Call” fan appreciation award — Booty.
It was a toss up between who brought more to the table this year between Jones and Booty. But, the powers that be, decided on Booty. He just has a louder more annoying voice than anybody but Pee Wee Herman. BTW – don’t know if Booty ever got caught whacking off in a theater, but it wouldn’t surprise us.
“Commissioner’s Cup” award for biggest complainer (cup = athletic cup) — Kleb, L.
Odds are, he’ll complain about this post, too.
“I got your back” award — Blackwood & 44 Wissy Waaaaa!
By “having your back” we mean drilling it with a crosscheck. Congrats, gents, on the first ever tie for an award.
And last but not least …
The “Lady Pussybear” award — Jive Turkey.
C’mon, man, strap on some balls and take your licks. It’s hockey. PS – The final game in spring league is not hockey. Well, most of it.

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5 Responses to Awards Ceremony

  1. JB says:

    Congrats to the winners!

  2. RR says:

    Well earned by all, good work boys!

  3. Kleb, L says:

    I didn’t get to vote. The Woodducks and Wetas must have been the only guys to vote. These awards are fixed.

  4. the other old guy says:

    I think roc should get the “skating like an old man” award.

  5. bender says:

    any one of my boya’s gott any salt peppa ketchupp,if you doooo just wash it down wit some ALDO juice . Nigga we be starting hockey soon

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