Name Change No Jive

DATELINE SANTIAGO – When Jive Turkey called an emergency meeting together last week in the Philadelphia Rams “warroom” the front office took a collective deep breath.
Where heads going to roll?
Not exactly. But change was in the air. It seems the Turk, smitten by a photograph of a “soccer betty” on the site submitted by Fiyah, had decided to move to Brazil and set up a satellite office.
Today, more change came over the wire. Jive Turkey has a new name. “It’s almost July. Time to start getting in shape. Time to start thinking about this coming hockey season. Time for me to be known as Ronaldeano,” said Jive Turkey … or, as we now know him, Ronaldeano.
“The real Ronaldhino was footballer of the year, and is scoring in more ways than one down here. I figure this only raises my stock both as a player and as a playah.”
Response to the name change has been hard to find in the states. But, as World Cup fever spreads throughout Europe … “I’ll soon be more popular than David Hasselhof.”

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2 Responses to Name Change No Jive

  1. Hooters says:

    You don’t have to be Pele to appreciate those soccer balls.

  2. eddie says:

    you like tits right?

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