Hockey Versus Soccer

It’s just 6 minutes into game four of the Stanley Cup Finals and it’s already had more excitement than the last eight soccer games I’ve watched. Yes, I’ve watched eight soccer games over the weekend and today.

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7 Responses to Hockey Versus Soccer

  1. Dr. Bumba says:

    Arty, why did you waste your time watching 8 soccer games?

  2. Art says:

    Well so I could blog about it for my new web site, I’ve since abandoned the endeavor.

  3. red rocket says:

    Soccer is great! Domestic leagues are bit more entertaining though, where the great players really dominate. Wait until you see Ronaldinho play for Brazil. He’s the best in the world, scores so many goals, you’d think KD was in net.

  4. Dr. Bumba says:

    REd Rocket, what time are you done work on Friday?

  5. Art says:

    Red Rocket works on Fridays?
    I’m not a soccer hater per se, it’s just that the games have been pretty dreadful. England was especially unwatchable. US wasn’t much better yesterday. Hopefully it will get better.

  6. KevMc says:

    Soccer really is a great sport. Hockey and soccer actually have a lot of similarities. It’s true that those 90+ minute games with no goals are dreadful to watch…but some of the goals that are scored are pretty awesome. The fans are nutz…and that’s really cool, but the riots aren’t cool. Getting pinned up against a metal fence can’t be too fun.
    Brazil should win the world cup…and that dude Ronaldinho is amazing.
    RR…have you checked out the soccer highlight videos on Some of the moves these guys make are ridiculous.

  7. Red Rocket says:

    I’m done work every Friday now at 3PM, unfortunately, I will be away this Friday. Dr., would you like to hit ’em up next Friday by chance?
    Soccer matches are also very good to drink while watching and yelling at the TV. Especially the 8:55Am games on the weekends.
    No matter how bad a soccer match is, it still beats the NBA finals.

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