And Another Thing

I’m really sick of people griping about how horrible it is to have small market teams meet in the Stanley Cup Finals. If it ain’t your team it doesn’t matter anyway. Get over it and actually look at the hockey. It’s end to end, breathtaking fun. If you can’t like it because it’s Carolina and Edmonton, well then that’s your problem. Your loss. I’m not trying to convert you. Go enjoy the Phils and the Diamondbacks. Lots of luck.
That is all.

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6 Responses to And Another Thing

  1. fiyah says:

    yeah Artie! settin the tone like Zdildo!

  2. Dr. Bumba says:


  3. atrain says:

    Did anyone read the article in the Inquirer a few days ago by Bob Ford – whose hockey knowledge couldn’t cover a pinhead – basically criticizing the NHL for making rule changes that lead to small market teams going far this year?

  4. KevMc says:

    Yeah Art, I’m sick of it too…
    F the Philly Inquirer for their horrible hockey articles, F NBC-10 for not having any hockey on their 11:00 news after OLN dropped the Game 7 ball the other night, and F WIP…or rather, Howard Eskin for being such a hockey hater and knowing next to nothing about the sport. When will all of these idiots realize that it’s not only the most exciting, but most difficult pro sport. Arrgghghhghhhhhhh……

  5. atrain says:

    Ya Kev! Amen again.

  6. turkey droppings says:

    F’em all. There’s a great column by Buccigross that says hockey players are on an island. And this year, the gate at that island was packed with people trying to get in every arena they could. the league is healthy, the game is awesome right now. The fans who are on the island are the ones who care.
    Big media is going to mess it up as soon as they can. So if big media isn’t happy, good. Stay away “all day”. let them and all go sit in New York in a big pool of frozen glow pucks, and just when they suffer from shrinkage we’ll have them watch Eddy’s latest film while eating a delicous serving of Sam’s Yummy Wissahickon Grubs.
    PS – bummer about roloson, but i’m loving Brind’amour and justin williams and rechi finding the twine.

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