Yzerman Is No Favre

Yzerman quick to decide plans

Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman may confirm as early as next week whether he plans to retire or return for a 21st NHL season.
Yzerman, 40, told reporters Thursday that he has been discussing things with his wife and will make up his mind shortly.
“I’m going to do the best thing for me and the best thing for the team,” Yzerman said. “I don’t want this to turn into a soap opera or an ordeal.”

Pucks don’t stop here: Scoring swells in NHL playoffs

Goal scoring is up 33% in the NHL playoffs, adding statistical evidence to the idea that referees are maintaining the regular-season officiating standards.
According to statistics supplied by the league office, 252 goals were scored in the first 43 playoff games this year, compared with 189 in the same number of games in the last playoffs of 2003-04.

Jagr to have surgery, should recover in time for camp

Jaromir Jagr will have surgery on his dislocated left shoulder Monday and is expected to fully recover in time for training camp in September.

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