WSC Stops Ducks

3 Final   
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  1. ruffled black feathers says:

    bunch of slewfooting, highsticking, armhacking, lowerbackcrosschecking, refereequestioning, bumbaclatt, battybwai, rudebwai, memberasssonsofbitches…………quack, quack bitches!!!!!! heardis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Scrooge McDuck says:

    It’s 8:15am and #12 is still crying about an offsides call.

  3. #12 chiefs - dean says:

    Call me a pussy, i don’t care.
    We got a guy nursing a “grade three sprain in the sternoclavicular joint” from getting railed in front of the net against WSC 2 weeks ago.
    I don’t care how many times these goons tell me “that’s hockey” when i get tripped and hacked and cross checked and people nearly get their arms broken, but i will never believe that is hockey.
    hockey is fun.
    shoulders removed from the F’n socket are not fun. Fights with 17 year olds while their mothers are in the stands … again, not fun.
    I’m excited for the hoseheads to tell me “you pussy, keep your head up” tonight. then, to hear “that’s hockey”.
    Guess what, it won’t be fun.
    What is fun is putting the puck in the net. Playing good team defense. Getting an awesome flow to the game.
    Drinking beer and having laughs and recognizing good play = fun.
    Removing splinters from a spear in my kidney = not fun.
    I hope to see everybody at the rink tonight for a fun game of hockey.
    Otherwise, we can invite the zebras next year.
    Art – is this the longest post ever?

  4. Goat says:

    Hay nichole stop pretending to be dean.

  5. Goat says:

    Only kidding dean-o. I totally agree. I am hoping things calm down a little in the second half of the season. If not an e-mail may need to be sent reminding everyone why we are here.

  6. Art says:

    Well said as always Deaner. Sometimes we all need a reminder of what makes hockey fun.
    And no Dean, Hoagie has you beat. Although I smell a columnist opportunity for you!
    Dean’s Pulpit? Dean’s Dais? Kline’s Korner?

  7. bg says:

    i second kline’s korner. Hoagie had his chance, made a nice move…but didn’t even hit the net.

  8. dk says:

    maybe, but …
    What about a column from one of the loudest voices i’ve heard in a long time. And what if that column was called Booty Call.

  9. Im also the owner says:

    A few other titles.
    Booty Call/ Pussy wipped/ Hairless leg club for men.

  10. Tyrone Bootzpatrick says:

    It’s spelled ‘whipped.’
    I will soon have internet access from home, so I would be able to provide the occasional article. First order of business: the WSC spring league has implemented a new rule- No Pinknecks. Not to be confused with the common redneck, the pinkneck is easily noticeable as he will most often wear a pink shirt. The pink shirt can be worn one of two ways: as a polo shirt with the mandatory collar up-flipping, or as a dress shirt with the mandatory penny loafer accent. This species has been known to frequent WSC under the guise of the WSC spring league team. Rewards will be offered to anyone who castrates a pinkneck at first sight.
    That being said, yous guys are dicks. I’m taking my hairless legs and going home.

  11. bg says:

    i look forward to booty call. G love has a good theme song lined up.

  12. Eddie says:

    Booty, you’ve got nice legs. Should should try to get a job at The Cave with me.

  13. RRX says:

    Why don’t you all stop acting like a bunch of fucking girls and hit someone back. There’s always room at open hockey if you don’t want to play competitive league. Fun is winning then drinking, or losing then drinking. Every men’s league in the entire world is like this. The first organized hockey game ever played was cancelled after 2 periods because ……… too many fights. Hockey is rough boys, fucking deal with it.
    Still love you though Deaner.

  14. dk says:

    Well put. It is rough. And after all that, it was my team that spent the night in the box.
    Contact is most definately part of the game. While i’m not a bruiser by any means, i’ve taken a few hits. Some from you i’m sure. And i’ve given a few (maybe 3 or 4) in my day.
    I will reply with this, however: the object of a check is to separate the puck carrier from the puck. And yes, there are degrees of separation.
    The issue comes in when the degree of separation = separating the clavical from the sternum. Or putting your stick blade in somebodies mid section.
    I believe the hit that ended the season for Tim was done with the intent of hurting him … and not simply interupting play.
    When it gets rough because of hustle and competitive spirit, i love it. In fact, i’ll drink to that any day of the week. Just ask jones or carmen after they put me in the boards behind the net. Or stear me clear of the net. Or billy, when HB popped him two sunday’s ago. Or peak, when you stop him in his tracks for shits and giggles.
    But when it gets rough because some dude has anger issues and takes them out on a guy he doesn’t even know … well, i don’t respect that. That is what all men’s leagues have in them. It doesn’t mean we have to tolerate in this one.
    So, all that said, i’ve given even more people reason to hit me.
    Thanks for the love.
    And I’ll be keeping my head up.

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