Time to Cheer


Games #1 is WSC vs. Wetas at 10:00 AM.
Game #2 is Hoseheads vs. Ducks at 11:30AM. Game #3 is Darkness vs. Chiefs at
1:00pm. The championship Game between the Winners of Game #1 and Game #2 is
at 3:00 PM.

Everyone should know that we are officially asking every team to refrain
from having “call-up” players for the tournament because every team will be
missing a few players due to the holiday weekend. Judging from the
information that we have, most teams will be down to 10-12 players at best.
If a player is not on your roster, then he cannot play in the tournament. We
want to avoid any controversy and or bad feelings etc as they will make the
party less festive.
Speaking of the Party, we will have two kegs, 200 wings, 30lbs of sausage,
hot-dogs, hamburgers, and tomato pies. Sounds good. Remember, the beer cup
and tee-shirt (see attached picture) is $10. All are welcome. Its all about
the party.
Jon and Bill

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12 Responses to Time to Cheer

  1. Anonymous says:

    skate and poop!

  2. red rocket says:

    is that red thing in Jenkins’ hand connected to Booty somewhere?

  3. turkey says:

    seen that pic 100 times, but now that i see it here, it looks like they are smoking from the stanley cup. Ah, maybe i’m just smoking from the cup.

  4. kd says:

    If it is WSC vs the Hoseheads in the final, I think we should just forget about the game and go outside and finish the food and beer. Perhaps even a friendly game of Kensington Horseshoes might be in order.

  5. red rocket says:

    or everyone could go inside and “BOOOOO” WSC up and down.

  6. mark messierdaumus says:

    i predict the wetas and ducks in the final…. and wsc will be upstairs in the lounge eating their keish and drinking their earl grey tea.

  7. rick tocchett says:

    what are the spreads for this saturday?

  8. red rocket says:

    It looks like Jenkins is holding Botty’s red rocket. Headline should be, “time to queer?”

  9. kd says:

    Gee, I wonder if we will photoshop that shot of Booty into another picture in the near future?

  10. Z... says:

    Z… is going to miss the event, I’m in FL visiting family, best of luck to all and please have a toast for Z…
    Z… to D… for the G…..

  11. Tyrone Bootzpatrick says:

    I think I can explain the picture: I’m about to give Jenkins the money shot.
    I agree with Kevin. If it’s WSC vs. Hoseheads in the final we should completely ignore the game and do our best to finish the beer and food before they get out there.
    And for christ’s sake Aldo, are you going to start speaking English anytime soon?

  12. RR says:

    Booty yelling “work it, WORK IT! Now get that eye a little closer!”

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