Some Pictures

booty_chowing (WinCE).JPG
Kev_Kills_Jager (WinCE).JPG
Pile_up (WinCE).JPG

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7 Responses to Some Pictures

  1. bert says:

    A little background on the pic of Booty; that was a 10 inch sausage and it was also his first bite. It’s no wonder why he’s such a popular guy with the boys.

  2. m.i.a. says:

    what happened in the third picture?

  3. Steve D. says:

    Thats me tackling Dowell and my girlfriend, thanks for the big bottle of Jager Rob. Sorry Kevin. Anyone else want to invite me to a barbicue?? Needless to say my girlfriend had lots to say about my wood duck ass.

  4. Anonymous says:

    did she say anything about when you pissed on jenkins? i think it was jenkins? That was her proudest moment.

  5. Steve D. says:

    yeah, she really liked that… I am sure jenkins did too. sorry for the golden shower jenkins.

  6. WD says:

    Is Kevin ok?

  7. kd says:

    Yeah, I feel fine today. Once my wife was able to finally track me down wandering the wrong way on Lincoln Drive it was nothing a few days sleep couldn’t take care of.

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