Sabres Stun Sens


Miller stops 43 and Sabres head home with 2-0 lead

The Buffalo Sabres were exhausted. They were bruised. They could hardly keep their bodies upright. But they had enough energy to do one last thing.
After the final buzzer sounded, the players quickly skated to the crease to congratulate goaltender Ryan Miller.

A team of will again finds a way

These Sabres are nothing if they’re not all heart.
What other mountains can they possibly be made to climb? The Sabres lost Connolly, their leading playoff scorer, to a ferocious hit administered 21 seconds into his first shift. Center Paul Gaustad and defenseman Dmitri Kalinin went to the locker room for a spell with third-period injuries. Chris Drury and Mike Grier were hobbled. Power-play opportunities were weighted 7-3 in Ottawa’s favor. A fluke delay-of-game penalty against defenseman Henrik Tallinder gave the Sens a 6-4 advantage on the attack for the final 15.9 seconds. What next? Force Miller to play blindfolded?

Senators in dire straits

Like their many fans, the Ottawa Senators will be scratching theirs heads today, trying to figure out how they could so badly outplay the Buffalo Sabres, but still lose.
They won’t have to look hard for an answer: Two mistakes.
The Senators made more than just two, of course, still looking nervous from their goof-filled performance on Friday. But that was all the Sabres needed.

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