Sabres Have Moxie


Home Remedy

Moxie has been a substantial factor to the Buffalo Sabres’ success. Whether battling through injuries or rebounding from humbling defeats, they have answered repeatedly and often emphatically.
Perhaps never this season have they offered up such a persuasive reply as they did Wednesday.

Sorry span sinks Canes

The Hurricanes came close to tying the score and forcing overtime, but the hole they dug in the second was too deep to overcome. The Sabres win 4-3.

Penalties take away series’ promise

Now there’s a new weather phenomenon in Buffalo: lake-effect penalties.
It happens when Hurricanes cross Lake Erie and hover over the ice of the HSBC Arena.
The first NHL playoffs meeting ever in Buffalo between the Carolina Hurricanes and Buffalo Sabres produced a blizzard of penalties that hit both teams in the first two periods.
But it was the Canes who got buried.

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