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Iob, other players disciplined for fight

Italy’s Tony Iob was suspended from the world ice hockey championships on Thursday for his part in a fight near the end of a preliminary round game against Ukraine.
The International Ice Hockey Federation hit Iob with a three-game ban, effectively ending his world championships, for attacking Ukraine’s Sergi Klymenitiev in the corridor of Skonto Arena after they were ejected from Wednesday’s game.
Klymenitiev has been handed a two-game ban while the IIHF said Iob faces possible further sanctions.
The Italian was suspended from the 2002 world championships in Sweden for elbowing a Swiss player in the head, knocking him unconscious, and was later banned from the 2003 worlds.
Canadian-born Iob, a ninth round Buffalo Sabres draft pick in 1991, has been involved in a long list of disturbing episodes throughout a career spent primarily in European leagues.
The most bizarre incident occurred in the 1994 Italian league season when Iob picked up a lighter from the debris thrown on the ice during a bench clearing brawl and grabbed an opponent’s jersey before attempting to set him on fire.
During his junior hockey career, Iob was charged for assault with a weapon after a fan was hit with a stick near the penalty box during a game.

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