Cinco de Mayo

Did you think would not be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today?
Did you expect some pinata graphic at the top of the page?
Maybe the Ram wearing a sombrero?
Or us to take off early, and start downing frozen margaritas till we get brain freeze? Well that was a possibility.
But no, there’s only one way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on
And that’s some pictures of our favorite Mexican American….

Jessica Alba!


Happy Cinco de Mayo.
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5 Responses to Cinco de Mayo

  1. speedie gonzsploogin says:

    gracias mi amigo!

  2. bert says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm i love mexican

  3. Baaaa says:

    aneeba aneeba. I thought there would be pictures of eddie (I’m a good looking guy, right).
    This much better.

  4. stupidnychick/hartz says:

    call me a cock suckin fag but Eddie is a good looking guy

  5. Anonymous says:

    sick malkin highlights

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