Boozin in the City?

Any of you punk asses interested in boozing it up in the city this Saturday? Seems like a good idea to me.
I was thinking of hitting up Leo at Grace Tavern among other places. In other words, a typical Saturday for me. But hey, sometimes I like company.

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3 Responses to Boozin in the City?

  1. gay goat says:

    I’ve been waiting to hang out with you outside of hockey. I’m in.

  2. bernfire says:

    ….although i didn’t remember anything after 9pm last saturday, I’m in…. why not. Though i intend on making it to sunday hockey this week. Last week I made it as far as wawa. As long as no one shits on my car…. i’m in.

  3. lagerhead goat says:

    Friday is my b- day so i’m not driving and all i got is 10 bucks in my pocket and i aint spending it on a cab.

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