Booty Melts Down And Ducks End Weta Streak

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You’re my f***ing problem! You!

– Booty

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12 Responses to Booty Melts Down And Ducks End Weta Streak

  1. Whaaa Baaaa says:

    Goal, no Goal = Horse shit.

  2. Jim Townsend says:


  3. Waaa Waaaa says:


  4. Art says:

    I think our biggest beef, no pun intended, should be that Jones’ backchecked in the third period. An obvious violation of the WSL charter.

  5. Dr. Bumba says:

    I was only making up for the time I was going to shoot, and the goat lifted my stick at the hash marks in front of Halligan. I will accept whatever punishment the league hands down for backchecking.

  6. The Commish says:

    3 game suspension!

  7. Dr. Bumba says:

    Does that mean I have to come to the rink on Tourney Day and not play? Is that a punishment.

  8. old guy says:

    Dr. Bumba can go for the beer

  9. old guy without hair says:

    He had such crazy eyes. I didn’t think I would ever see any of my grandchildren again….

  10. Barry Bonds says:

    The Roid Rage was flowing

  11. Carmen says:

    What. Now I cant play in the wood duck open

  12. Dr. Bumba says:

    I thought you were going to MU??? If not, you can be in the my foursome, Dan Gunning dropped out.

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