A Statistical Look At Brind Amour's Brilliance

Rock Steady

No other forward comes close to Rod Brind’Amour’s average ice time this postseason. Brind’Amour also has proved to be one of the most dependable faceoff men in the league.

Sabres seek repeat performance

It can’t possibly be that crazy again, can it? Surely after two days of practices and meetings designed to tighten their defensive systems, the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators won’t come close to the 13-goal explosion they had Friday night.
Then again, why not? The Sabres enter Game Two of their Eastern Conference semifinal tonight determined to get more scoring chances. The Senators, while hoping to limit mistakes, want to keep up their frenetic offensive pace.

Finishing the job

The San Jose Sharks hit the Edmonton Oilers like the visitors had stolen something.
In the second period last night in San Jose, the Oilers were hammered at every turn, finished at every check, hit at every opportunity.
They were even hit by their own players as Jason Smith inadvertently laid out Michael Peca at the blue line.

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