Week 5 Standings

Three teams tied with 6 points atop the WSL.

Team W L T Pts
Wetas 3 2 0 6
WSC 3 2 0 6
Ducks 2 1 2 6
Darkness 2 2 1 5
Chiefs 2 3 0 4
Hoseheads 1 3 1 3
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3 Responses to Week 5 Standings

  1. Matt B (Hoseheads) says:

    Damn, we blow. If the Hoseheads don’t make it into the tournament we won’t get another chance to play WSC. In that case I will be willing to pay good money to see someone really fuck up certain WSC players to be named at a later date. Good game last night Wetas. I actually saw a few guys crying on the other team.

  2. RRX says:

    Man this a tight league. Toight like a toiger!

  3. RRX says:

    Man this is a tight league. Toight like a toiger!

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