Third year of the eighth grade

Avery Directs Anger Off Ice

The Kings’ Sean Avery voiced concern Friday, but not about his team’s listless play in a 5-0 loss to San Jose on Thursday. Nor was it about the Mighty Ducks, who — unlike the Kings — are barreling into the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Instead, Avery let loose more passion than he or his teammates displayed on the ice against the Sharks, unleashing an unprompted, obscenity-laced tirade at Brian Hayward, the Ducks’ color commentator who is part of the NBC broadcast team for today’s game at Staples Center.
The incident ended with Avery criticizing Hayward’s ability as a player. To which Hayward, a Cornell University graduate, replied: “How would you know? You were in the third year of the eighth grade then.”

No word on whether Elisha Cuthbert is still wasting her time with this fool.

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