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Oh L N
We here at have periodically bitched about OLN and their game selection throughout the year.
So here’s some statistics to back up what we’ve been saying.
Gripe: OLN hasn’t done a good job of bringing us the best teams in the NHL.
Reality: The average point totals of an OLN game is 82 points. The average point total of an NHL team is 83. So OLN picked games that were on average one point poorer than one would expect from a random matchup. And since you assume that OLN would want to feature the best teams the most often, the 82 points is really piss poor.
Gripe: What’s with all these Blues games? Everyone knew they were going to suck.
Reality: The Blues were on OLN seven times this season. Only Colorado, Detroit, the Rangers, and Philadelphia were shown more often. Each of these teams were televised eight times. We were also subjected to Boston seven times, and mediocre Minnesota bored us six times.
Gripe: OLN fears Canada like Superman fears kryptonite
Reality: There were terribly few games featuring Canadian teams on OLN this season. Stanley Cup finalist Calgary was only just once, as were Eastern Conference leading Ottawa Senators. Montreal managed to be televised three times and Todd Bertuzzi’s Vancouver Canucks just twice. And for all those Blues fans that OLN seemed to care so much about, well they weren’t given a single chance to see Chris Pronger suit up for the Edmonton Oilers. And US based hockey fans also missed out entirely on Eric Lindros, Ed Belfour, Mats Sundin, and the rest of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Gripe: With all they hype Ovechkin and Croxby had this year OLN never got them in a game where they played each other.
Reality: The NHL schedule was set before OLN got the contract so there was only one game, November 22, between the two rookies on a Monday or Tuesday. But OLN didn’t broadcast that game, they stuck with the tampa versus Philadelphia matchup.
So are we as fans better off? There was something nice about knowing there would be a game every Monday and Tuesday night. Of course this meant choosing between MNF and hockey 14 or so times. And yesterday OLN threw the Blackhawks and Avalanche directly up against the NCAA FInal Four. Great idea there.
So if there’s something to say to OLN, don’t pick all the matchups in the beginning of the season, and strive to get the best matchups, no matter what city the team calls home.

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