Sabres In Playoffs

Sabres Clinch Playoff Spot

Not that is was really in doubt, but for the first time since 2001, the Buffalo Sabres will be in the post-season, clinching their berth with a 3-2 shootout victory over the Maple Leafs last night at the Air Canada Centre.

‘Canes edge Caps on ‘fight night’

The game featured 90 minutes in penalties — including four fights — and Washington defenseman Nolan Yonkman was ejected in the second period for jumping into a scrum already in progress. It should make the games Wednesday and Friday a little more interesting.

Why Are The Sabres Slumping?

Since then the Sabres struggles have worsened, losing eight of their last nine as of this writing, including a 7-0 pasting at the hands of the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs, whose lack of speed the Sabres frequently exploited to their own advantage in earlier matchups this season
So what’s the reason for the sudden decline?

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