Playoff Pool Standings

As the Ottawa Senators and Jason Spezza have come alive, there’s been plenty of change in the Playoff Pool Standings.

Klams (Karlbrad) 71
RD Bradbury 71
The Hoagies 70
Atrain 70
LJ’s Team 69
Art’s Gourmet Shots 67
Denny Philly Fakeouts 63
McGretzky 62
Miller Life Allstars (Mark H.) 59
Charlie’s Horse jones 58
Golin 54
Deaner 54
Bern Fiyah 54

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2 Responses to Playoff Pool Standings

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did Zdaldo pick all Bandits?

  2. Z... says:

    U… the S… and maybe I’ll be out of L… P…

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