Pat's Friend's Cousin-In-Law

OK, so Pat McD’s friend’s cousin-in-law is one of a 100 quarterfinalists for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Competition. And you can vote for her in the competition. Think of the thrill when you can say you know the winner of the Maxim Hometown Hotties Competition through the friend of a friend of a friend’s cousin-in-law. And won’t that make you feel better about leering at scantily clad women. This may be my weakest justification yet for posting pictures of hot girls. Oh well, get over it.
Also check out her official site along with her MySpace music page.

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10 Responses to Pat's Friend's Cousin-In-Law

  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks for posting the links. Appreciate it.

  2. dimaio says:

    DiMaio fucked her!…… because he paid

  3. Wood Duck GM says:

    Damn, we should have traded Art + a case of beer for her!

  4. Peake says:

    Fuck her shes a Giants fan

  5. red rocket says:

    I’ll give her my syringe

  6. Baaaaaaa says:

    She looks really angry..But i would still make that poon poon weta.

  7. Uh Oh says:

    I wonder whats going through her mind in this picture?
    Hurry up and take the photo i got to SHIT

  8. Dark Helmet says:

    I’m Pat McDonald’s best friend’s cousin-in-law!

  9. Lonestar says:

    So what does that make us?

  10. Dark Helmet says:

    Absolutly nothing.

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