Head Count

Jonesey needs a head count for the Wood Duck Open.
He needs to know by May 6th to schedule tee times. Is 12 noon OK for everyone?
The list is after the jump:


  • Bernie
  • Brnich
  • Brett
  • Carter
  • Pat McDonald
  • Bob
  • Jenkins
  • Carmen
  • Quenzer
  • Jonesy
  • Champ
  • A-train
  • Dan Gunning


  • Art
  • Shoup
  • Dowell
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9 Responses to Head Count

  1. shoup says:

    Put me on the list as a maybe. Unless my entry creates a new tee time that is non-refundable?

  2. red rocket says:

    In and on Shoup’s team

  3. red rocket says:

    My girl is on my team as well.

  4. blue missle says:

    WHHHAAAA!!!!! I am only playing if Shoup and my girlfriend are on my team WHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!
    WHHHHAAAA!!!!!…I have a small penis and my ankles bend when I skate WHHHHAAAAA

  5. red rocket says:

    my ankles don’t bend!!!!!!

  6. red rocket says:

    way to spell, you Jenious!

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. fiyah says:

    i’m in

  9. Tiger woods says:

    How about a special person foursome
    All you need is Hartz or Gallati

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