Congratulations to Murphy’s for winning their second straight Wintersport Winter League Championship.
Way to go guys!


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8 Responses to DYNASTY

  1. fiyah says:

    yeah boyee!
    nice work fellas. Think threepeat.

  2. KD says:

    Hopefully they don’t push us up to the B league.

  3. HB says:

    Nice job!!!

  4. Art says:

    Will there be an ’06 Cap?

  5. dk says:

    nice work. it’s good to have champs somewhere in the Philadelphia Rams Family of Teams. i’m going to edit the film from the spectrum that steve helped shoot. is there any other out there? if i can get a copy, i’ll put it all together.

  6. red rocket says:

    Good job, I guess having me thrown out of the league paid off. But congrats anyway. Good to see some wins coming from somewhere. Drink ’em up!

  7. Dr. Bumba says:

    Good job boys. You should make it 3 in a row if you keep that goon 44 out of the box.

  8. KD says:

    4 more minutes on Thursday night.

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