Darkness Wins, Heron Tossed

Hoseheads 3 Final   
Darkness 4
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16 Responses to Darkness Wins, Heron Tossed

  1. Dr. Bumba says:


  2. RR X says:

    Wanger made 273 saves, 12 of which could be on NHL tonight as highlights.
    Hockey Bob tripped Heron, stole the puck, passed it out front and we scored with 45 seconds left in the game. Heron fippled out on Bruce. “F” bombs flying everywhere, so Bruce tossed him. However, the best part was as Heron was walking to the locker room, he yelled at Dan Gunning “DON’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY DAD”!

  3. snoop fiyah dog says:

    murder was da case that they gave me. i’m innocent.

  4. HB says:

    I didn’t trip him. It was a clean play.

  5. Art says:

    HB and you don’t run goalies. Right.

  6. RRX says:

    It was a very clean game too! Except for Peake facewashing some dude. Clean play HB.

  7. Operatioin Ice Storm says:

    Yeah Peake!

  8. RRX says:

    And Wanger punched someone too! The guy speared Wang after the whistle, and Wang reared back and clocked him. Penalty also served by Peake.

  9. HB says:

    It’s funny you say that Art. Last night the play went up ice and the goalie skated three feet out of the net to hit me with his glove. I couldn’t believe it because I was in the high slot. I didn’t even come close to him all game, he just decided to skate out and hit me. That is the type of team they are, rediculious little kids. Don’t worry if i would have had the chance to run him I would have.

  10. Pu Pu Platter says:

    Heeeeeey Maaaaaan, stop spearing me!!!!

  11. McGretzky says:

    Wang made the most ridiculous save I’ve seen in a long time. He robbed #10 (I think?) of a totally open net, by sliding from post to post like a ninja and gloving a good shot. Wang’s cat-like reflexes are coming back just in time for the tournament.

  12. RRX says:

    just in time for him to take a month off from hockey

  13. McGretz says:

    Yeah, forgot about that…

  14. Dr. Bumba says:

    Just in time for me to make his poon poon reddah.

  15. fiyah says:

    Red Rocket….Do you want to join me in the bleechers while I drink away my shame? Everybody Hits Bumba….Woo Hoo!

  16. RRX says:

    I think I just may.

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