A Hint for Bettman

Dear Gary: Here’s a Hint

You want to promote your game, your postseason…bring it into the psyche of the American sports fan, steal a few fence sitters away from roundy, roundy, left turn, left turn?
Use Steve Yzerman. Develop a campaign that entices an audience proven to follow stories that involve beating back odds and demons.
Your ads should ask the question, “can this warrior close his career with a title?”

All eyes on Manny

There’s no sense dodging the question, no choice but to face the firing line.

Canes limp into playoffs with four losses in five games

The best season in franchise history ended with a thud for the Carolina Hurricanes: four losses in their final five games, including one to Buffalo in the finale that cost them the top playoff seed in the Eastern Conference.

Sharks’ Cheechoo Has Knack for Scoring

Jonathan Cheechoo got off the golf course Monday night to find 13 new messages on his cell phone’s voice mail.
“Either something really bad happened, or something really good happened,” he said to himself.
It was all good: While the San Jose Sharks’ third-year forward was around the 17th hole moments earlier, he had won the Richard Trophy as the NHL’s top goal-scorer. Friends, family and teammates were calling to offer congratulations.

Hitch: Chalk it up to Escheperience

TURNS OUT the “writing on the wall” must have been scrawled in pencil, easily erased, like so much else that didn’t go as expected in this exceptionally strange Flyers season.

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