2nd Wood Duck Open

The 2nd Annual Wood Duck Open is upon us. It will be Saturday May 13th at Twining Valley Golf Club. Would a Wood Duck play anywhere else?

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14 Responses to 2nd Wood Duck Open

  1. Duck Goat says:

    I’zz gots the MD 20/20 (Kiwi).

  2. red rocket says:

    I’zz got the Boone’s and JJ. Probably going to need to make some tee times.

  3. Tyrone Bootzpatrick says:

    Anyone who knows their shizznit knows that wood ducks don’t golf.

  4. Dr. Bumba says:

    I disagree, Twining Valley on a Saturday is nothing but Wood Ducks and Ornamentals (Sorry Wang).

  5. fiyahsuckyamammadry says:

    does denny have to play righty?

  6. red rocket says:

    denny’ll be so hammered it won’t matter anyway. If shouppy plays, he has to go lefty.

  7. snotty palmer says:

    who won the monday night game at wsc?

  8. Dr. Bumba says:

    5-5 tie. Ducks blow 5 to 2 lead with 10 minutes to go, but made up for it in the 4th period. Those guys were pretty chippy, I thought I was back in a Zebras game.

  9. Art says:

    Jones, you trying to get fourth period added as a column in the standings? Should be worth at least one point to win the fourth. Three if you go 14 hours.

  10. KD says:

    In principal, you should definately get more for a strong 4th period than you should for an overtime loss. Any one can go out and lose in overtime.

  11. Dr. Bumba says:

    I do think the 4th period should have its own column in the standings. The Wood Ducks have to win at something.

  12. Jon B says:

    check out http://www.phillypenguins.com for more info…

  13. KD says:

    What the hell is that?

  14. red rocket says:

    5th period in Maple Glen last night. Went to bed at 6AM

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