Stick Bag Controversy

CHICAGO – Stick bag creates controversy at Philadelphia International Airport. Lagerhead Defenseman Al Donato tried to pull a fast one on Airport security, checking three bags. The protests that a stick bag shouldn’t count because it’s really really gay didn’t sway the Federales and Aldo was forced to dump his hockey sticks with his wife. So look for Aldo to be sporting some new lumber as the tournament commences tomorrow. Perhaps he can get some of Jagr’s illegal ones.
Also of note, there’s a rumor that the San Diego team is comprised of really good Eastern Europeans.

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7 Responses to Stick Bag Controversy

  1. Anonymous says:

    For Sale: Dick Bag.
    Black w/white print. Zipper in excellent condition. Great for carrying your dicks to and from your car. Contact Amanda Hugginkiss in the baggage department, philadelphia airport.

  2. lagerhead.20 says:

    1st lagerhead can/am victory!! game 1: lagerheads 2, st. paul, minnesota blues 1. denny-6pims, colin-2 pims.

  3. dk says:

    nice job boys! i’m looking to see if i can see the game on on-demand.

  4. thegoatsbro says:

    A lagerhead victory! Nice. Beer tastes better after a win.

  5. raz says:

    denny tradin’ punches in the box again?

  6. lagerhead.20 says:

    lagerheads take the bronze medal with a 5-3 victory over minnesota. after a hungover loss 2 a lesser skilled detroit squad & a spirited 3-2 loss with an empty net to a highly skilled cali squad, the beer tastes better on sunday!

  7. red rocket says:

    I can’t feel my legs, and all I want is another beer. Wear that medal with pride! Anyone else get a sweet rash?

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