Spring League Money & Applications Due

Application and money for the spring league are due no later than Thursday, March 16th.
Fee is $190 and can be paid by check (payable to WSC) or credit card.
You can call in the credit card number to (215) 247-0525 ext. 16.
the draft will be held the following week.
Download Spring League Flyer (PDF)

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5 Responses to Spring League Money & Applications Due

  1. goat says:

    Thanks Thor.

  2. J Demayo says:


  3. Kevin says:

    Looking at the Wintersport playoff schedule, the first two weeks of the spring league could get really messed up. The top 4 ‘A’ teams all play a playoff game on Tuesday, March 28th and then the first game of the A league finals is on Tuesday, April 4th. If everything goes right, that could also be a conflict for both the Rams and Penguins. I think there will be similar problems for the Murphy’s guys also.

  4. Jon B. says:

    Unavoidable, The Spring league teams will be short those nights.

  5. Jon Buehler says:

    the $190 amount is only if you get the payment in by This Thursday 3/9. aftet that date,the amount is $200.

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