Rams Stay Alive

Rams win back and forth battle with the Bandits. An offensive outburst by the Bandits and the Rams in the first period saw the Rams leading 4-3 after one. The second period more closely resembled playoff hockey as neither team was able to tally and the scoring chances were limited. In the third the Bandits scored twice to take the lead. The go ahead goal set off goaltender Kevin Dowell as he felt he was run by the Bandits mustached Russian forward. Rams defenseman Thor certainly gave the Russian a shot, but Kevin’s point was “the guy made no effort not to run me and went right for my head.” It could have been lights out for the Rams at that point but a pair of power play goals and the relentless play of the Rams forwards, particularly the forecheck of Billy put the Rams back in the lead. The game winner, by Denny was a sniped laser from the wing that left the Bandits goalie with no chance. Robbie Mel scored an empty netter to ice the win. If the Rams can field three lines on Saturday captain Deaner is confident they can wear down the Bandits and successfully close out the series.

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13 Responses to Rams Stay Alive

  1. Poor Man's Val says:

    I will run goalie ALL DAY…ALL DAY….

  2. Dr. Bumba says:

    Didn’t Denny beat him on a breakaway move.

  3. Art says:

    Whoops. I was tired. As the lack of paragraph breaks also shows.

  4. fiyah shin to d banker says:

    screw denny’s goal, mine was nicer.

  5. Dr. Bumba says:

    That’s OK Art, just keep screwing around with the over the hill Russian, ALL DAY.

  6. Z........ says:

    Denny’s goal should have been written:

  7. Jon B says:

    The WSC Proshop will be open All Day…….ALL DAY!

  8. Sponge Bob says:

    You guys really got a kick out of that, didn’t you?

  9. goat says:

    Game plan for next game?

  10. Dr. Bumba says:

    The expression on that old Commy’s face was priceless.

  11. Sponge Bob says:

    He spent the next several shifts skating around yelling at me in Russian. I’ll bet they weren’t words of encouragement.

  12. Z.... says:

    Art, Maybe you have a team jersey out of your European stack that the Russians really f..ing hate, something just to add a little extra color to your presence on the ice, that would be great for Saturday night’s game! AH, AH…
    Who’s with Z… on this one!!!!!!!

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